Last updated: 31/01/2002


Messerschmitt Me-109 C-1 (Source: Koku-Fan Me-109 Special)



Late in 1937 the Jumo 210 Ga engine with fuel injection became available. This was fitted to the Me-109 C series. Besides the change in engine the other difference with the B series was in addition of 2 MG 17ís in the wings.

C-0 (1937)
Three pre-production aircraft were produced from three B-0 series aircraft. The V-8, V-9 and V-10 were converted to C-0 standard.

C-1 (1937)
Not very many C-1 series aircraft were produced. They were identical to the C-0.

C-2 (1938)
The C-2 was an experimental version to evaluate the engine mounted MG FF. This variant was not operational.

C-3 (1938)
The C-3 also was an experimental version, intended to test the MG FF in the wing mounted position.