Last updated: 31/01/2002


Messerschmitt Me-109D-1 (Source: Flugzeug Archiv 2)



The D-series of the Me-109 was often claimed to be the first Daimler Benz powered version, powered by the DB-600 engine. This misconception was created by a number of German propaganda shots depicting the DB-600 powered V-11 and V-12.

Actually the D-series was still powered by the Jumo 210 engine, the 210 Da.

Only a limited number of D-series aircraft were produced while the Luftwaffe awaited the arrival of the E-series. Some were exported to Hungary and Switzerland.

D-1 (1938)
Similar to the C-1 but powered by the Jumo 210 Da.


Propaganda shot of the Messerschmitt Me-109 V-12. This photo gave rise to the myth of the Daimler Benz engined Me-109D (Source: Messerschmitt "O-Nine" Gallery)