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Messerschmitt Me-109 E-4 (Source: Koko Fan Me-109 Special)



The E-series was the first major production model of the 109. It was powered by the DB601 engine. The Db601 was basically a DB600 with direct fuel injection instead of a carburetor.

E-0 (1937)
The E-0 series was made up of 10 Versuchs aircraft the V-13 to V-22.

The V-13 was used to set a new speed record on 11 November 1937 with a speed of 610km/h.

E-1 (1938)
Production of the E-1 started late in 1938. This aircraft was powered by a DB601A engine and armed with 4 MG 17 machine guns. Early in 1939 the first aircraft of this type arrived in Spain. They saw only limited action as most arrived to late to take part in the war.

E-2 (1939)
This was a conversion of the E-1 carrying an engine mounted MG FF canon. The V-20 served as prototype for this version. As the engine mounted canon caused a lot of trouble, only a small number were built.

E-3 (1939)
This version was built in substantial numbers. It was basically identical with the E-1 but the wing mounted MG 17ís were replaced by MG FF canon. This resulted in small under wing bulges to accommodate the slightly larger guns.

E-4 (1940)
The E-4 arrived in 1940 and introduced a new angular canopy and improved MG FF/M canon in the wing.

E-5 (1940)
The E-5 was a reconnaissance version of the E-4, carrying 4 MG 17 machine guns and a Rb 21/18 camera.

E-6 (1940)
The E-6 was a reconnaissance version of the E-3 powered by a DB601N. It had no fixed camera but relied on a hand held one.

E-7 (1940)
The E-7 was based on the E-4 but was capable of carrying a ETC 50 or ETC 500 rack or able to carry a drop tank.

E-8 (1940)
The E-8 was a converted E-1 able to carry a 300l drop tank.

E-9 (1940)
This was the last of the E-series. It was a reconnaissance version of the E-7, powered by the DB 601N engine and fitted with a Rb 50/30 camera.

Several of the E-series aircraft were converted to carry bomb racks beneath the fuselage. Thse were designated as /B aircraft, for instance E-1/B or E-3/B. Similarly conversion carrying the DB601N engine were designated E-4/N or E-7/N. Tropical conversions were designated as /Trop.

The E-7/Z was a high performance version powered with a DB601N engine fitted with GM-1 power boost.


Messerschmitt Me-109 V-13 (Source: Messerschmitt "O-Nine" Gallery)


Messerschmitt Me-109 E-4 (Source: AJ Press Monografie: Messerschmitt Me-109 Cz. 2)


Messerschmitt Me-109 E-4/Trop (Source: Koko Fan Me-109 Special)


Messerschmitt Me-109 E-4/Trop (Source: Koko Fan Me-109 Special)