Last updated: 31/01/2002


Messerschmitt Me-109Z-0 (Source: Messerschmitt "O-Nine" Gallery)



In response to an 1941 requirement for a heavy destroyer Messerschmitt proposed a twin 109 called the Me-109Z. In order to mate the two fuselages the attachment points for the undercarriage were moved inwards. A new horizontal tail plane and a new center section wing were designed. The starboard cockpit was faired over with this space filled with fuel.

Under the new center section a ETC 250 bomb rack could be mounted. Armament was planned as 5 MG 151ís.

Z-0 (1943)
A single Z-0 airframe was built using two standard F-4 airframes. It was destroyed in an air raid just before its completion. After its destruction the entire Me-109Z program was terminated.

Z-1 (project)
The Z-1 was a projected production version similar to the Z-0 but based on the G-5 instead of the F-4. Armament was to be 5 x MK 108.

Z-2 (project)
This was a bomber version with only 3 x MK 108 and a bomb load of 1100lb.

Z-3 (project)
The Z-3 was to have been powered by the Jumo 213 engine.

Z-4 (project)
This was a bomber version of the Z-3, also powered by the Jumo 213.


Sketch of a destroyer based on two joined 109's (Source: Die Deutsche Luftfahrt, Willy Messerschmitt)