Last updated: 31/01/2002


Throughout its service life the 109 used many different types of engine. Below some information on those engines is given.


RR Kestrel VI A V-12 engine delivering 695pk
Jumo 210 Developed in 1936 with a carburetor and delivering 690hp this engine was further developed using direct fuel injection into the Jumo 210G delivering 730hp.
Jumo 211 The Jumo 211 was a slightly bigger engine than the 210 delivering 1200hp to 1500hp. 
Jumo 213 This was a further development of the Jumo 211. It was smaller than the 211 but delivered more power, between 1750 and 2000hp.
DB 600 Development of the Daimler Benz DB 600 started in 1932. It was a 12 cylinder V engine with a carburetor. Initial versions delivered 800hp, the later versions 1050hp. Development of the DB 600 was soon discontinued in favor of the DB 601 with direct fuel injection.
DB 601 This was a modified DB 600 engine with direct fuel injection. A large number of these engines were produced during the war. The DB 601 delivered between 1100hp and 1200hp at take-off.
DB 603 The DB 603 was an improved version of the DB 601 which delivered from 1750hp up to 2800hp for the DB 603N. The DB 603 was ready for production against the end of the war.
DB 605 The DB 605 was an improved version of the DB 601 delivering 1475hp to 2000hp at take-off.
DB 627 High altitude version of the DB 603G delivering 2000hp.
DB 628 High altitude version of the DB 605  delivering 1475hp.