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Hispano HA-1109-K1L (Source: Wings of Fame 11)



Spain first met the 109 in 1937 when it was flown by the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil war. When the Condor Legion left Spain they left a number of 109's behind. Later Spain received a number of F-series aircraft.

In 1942 Spain approached Germany with a request to produce the G-2 under license. The request was granted and the designation Me-109J was assigned but Spain received very little assistance from Germany in starting the production. Twenty-five G-2 airframes were delivered but the promised 200 DB 605 engines never arrived. So like the Czech after the war the Spanish had to find a new engine for the 109. The first option was the Hispano Suiza 12Z 89 engine. This was a 12 cylinder rated at 970hp. A test installation was made in a E-1 airframe after which the 25 airframes delivered from Germany were finished. When these were delivered production of 175 completely Spanish aircraft was started. This type was designated HA-1109-J1L and the first flew in 1947. 

Due to the bad performance of the 12Z 89 engine this was replaced by the 12Z 17 in 1951. Only 25 aircraft had been delivered by then. The 12Z 17 engined aircraft were designated HA-1109K1L. Trials made obvious that the aircraft could not be used as a fighter and a ground attack role was envisaged instead.

During 1951 work began on a two seat trainer version, the HA-1110-K1L. Two prototypes were built.

The supply of Hispano engines was limited however and again a new engine had to be found. The only alternative was the Rolls Royce Merlin engine which became available after the dropping of arms embargos in 1952. In 1953 the Merlin 500-45 was ordered, which provided 1610hp for take-off. The first Rolls Royce powered aircraft, the HA-1109M1L flew for the first time on 30 December 1954. The aircraft was fitted with a four bladed propeller. This aircraft performed much better than the Hispano engined types. The production version of the Merlin powered type was the HA-1112-M1L which entered service in 1956. The two two-seaters were also re-engined and became the HA-1112-M4L.

The HA-1112 served in the Spanish air force from 1957 to 1965 and fought in the ground attack role over the Sahara and Morocco. So the last operational 109's were powered by the same engine that powered the first prototype, the Rolls Royce Merlin.


Messerschmitt Me-109E-1 with Hispano Suiza 12Z engine (Source: Wings of Fame 11)


Hispano HA-1112-M4L (Source: Wings of Fame 11)


Messerschmitt Me-109 V-21 (Source: AJ Press Monografie: Messerschmitt Me-109 Cz. 3)


Messerschmitt Me-109 V-21 (Source: AJ Press Monografie: Messerschmitt Me-109 Cz. 3)


Messerschmitt Me-109 V-21 (Source: AJ Press Monografie: Messerschmitt Me-109 Cz. 3)