Last updated: 01/11/2001



The USA captured and tested various versions of the 109 during the war.


Messerschmitt Me-109 F-4 acquired from the USSR (Source: Wings of Fame 11)


Messerschmitt Me-109 G-6/Trop (Source: Wings of Fame 11)


Messerschmitt Me-109 F-4


This Me-109G-2 was used by Lt-Col Gunn to arrange the release of POW's from prison camps in Romania. He was flown to Italy in this aircraft by a Romanian pilot. (Source: Blue Rider decal sheet)


Messerschmitt Me-109 G-6 used as a squadron hack. The aircraft was painted black with red spinner, rudder and ailerons


Messerschmitt G-2/Trop (Source: War Prizes)